7th Bandung Creative Movement 2020

Dynamics of Industrial Revolution 4.0 :
Digital Technology Transformation and Cultural Evolution


List of BCM 2018 Abstracts :

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  • Assistive Technology to Promote Active Lifestyle among Elderly with Cognitive Impairment
  • Digital Comic Platform Contribution in Improving Creative Industry Potential
  • Kartala Card Game Design For Education Media of Lampungnese Script
  • Campaign to Reduce Impact of Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Hazard in Bandung
  • Designing a Campaign of Speech Delayed to the Children for Parents in Bandung
  • Designing A Campaign of Increasing Woman’s Self Confidence Against The Influence of Beauty Standards
  • Javan Gibbon’s Conservation Campaign (Study Of Javan Gibbon’s Conservation In An Effort To Prevent The Hunting Of Endangeres Animals
  • Citilink Journey Promotional Design
  • Designing Games Selection Campaign for Children to Avoid Aggressive Behavior
  • Designing a Campaign to Prevent Toddler Obesity Through Healthy plate Method in Bandung
  • Rose Brand Tapioca Gluten Free Promotion Design
  • Designing Social Campaign Of Diabetes Mellitus Gestational Prevention With 12345 Dietary Habit
  • Visual Identity and Promotional Design for Bekasi Tourism
  • Visual Identity Design of Gumelem Tourism Village
  • “The coral reef damaged, where we fish?” A study on social campaign to raise public awareness in Bunaken National Park
  • Designing A Tourism Attraction Promotion Of Gajah Mungkur Reservoir
  • Sangkan Hurip, a Board Game Design Project Based on Kolenjer Astrological Math Narratives
  • Visual Analysis of Xerography Image Transfer on Textiles
  • Bejana, a Board Games As An Education Media for Elementary School Children in Bandung City
  • Borax Crystallize Experiment for Fashion Accessories
  • Material Design for Waterfront Restaurant at Waduk Jatigede
  • Illustrated Book Design as Dental Health Learning Media for Children Ages 4-7 Years Old
  • Improving Polite Manners Through the Pop-Up Story Book
  • Designing A Communication Strategy Of Product And Visual For Ruangguru Application
  • Changes In Construction of Logo PT. KAI Year 1953-2011
  • Packaging Design As A Brand Building Tools For Organic Black Rice Business Concept Case Study: Diet Rice
  • Design of Photography Book Tour Guide in Pulau Bintan
  • Sell and tell: a story of dairy & cocoa print advertising during indonesian colonial period
  • Dining Facilities Analysis Based on Ergonomics Aspect at Jatigede Reservoir Sumedang
  • Development of Portable Hammock Set Products Through Anthropometric Aspects to Fix Product Dimensions
  • Material Design for Waterfront Restaurants at Waduk Jatigede
  • Visual Study on Small and Medium Enterprises Product Packaging in Bandung Regency
  • Constructing Modules for Determining Image Quality Criteria for DiTenun Mobile Application
  • Culinary Content Development of Virtual Bandung Apps
  • Designing Exterior Horticultural Product Means of Transport
  • Designing Tree Towers By Applying Security Aspect To The Structures In Jatigede
  • Jewelry Design Based on Rice Husk Waste Exploration
  • An Exploration of Tutut (Pilla Ampullacea) Shell Waste as Basic Material of Accessories Production
  • Implementation Of Plastic Fusing Method To Upcycle Products Of Plastic Waste
  • The Innovation of Tuban’s Traditional Cloth through the Involvement of Fashion Designer’s Role
  • Constructing Modules for Determining Image Quality Criteria for DiTenun Mobile Application
  • The Processing of Lurik Textile for Men’s Ready to Wear Clothing
  • RC Modification as a Form of Personalizing Activity and Self Achievement
  • Visual Analysis Urban Toys “Mr. Evilsion” Through the Semiotics Approach
  • The Aesthetic Photo Creation of Roy Genggam on The Book of Memotret Pemotret
  • Exploration to the Most Fundamental Form of Dynamic Visual Identity.
  • Creative Process of PT Pindad Medium Tank Design Design Team
  • Designing Tree Tower a Comfortable Aspect On Nature Tours
  • Exploring Retractable System for Raspberry Pi-based Portable Computer Cases
  • Product Designing Jewelry Set Diamond Collection Triple Moon Goddess Diamond Using Micro Pave
  • Nail Setting Technique and Use of Round Ash Facets On Diamond Based on Target Market Analysis on Brand Products Frank & co
  • Jewelry, Diamonds, Manufacturing, Micro Pave Setting, and Round Facets Application of Branding Canvas Method in Mechanical Modified Hoe
  • An Exploration of Coconut Husk Waste as a Material Innovation for Jewelry Design
  • Defining Designer Maker in Indonesia Creative Industries Culture
  • Aspect Analysis of Functions in the Design of Eating Facilities at Jatigede Sumedang Reservoir
  • Aesthetic Aspects in Design Consideration of Dining Facilities at Jatigede Reservoir Sumedang
  • Laminated Bamboo as an Effort to Reduce Wood Consumption


  • An Analysis of Needs for Incubation in Creative Process as A Recommendation for Leisure Facility Design in A Co-Working Space
  • Industrial style in interior design of Wild Grass café through decorative installations
  • Full Day School Education Concept As Forming Characteristics Of Interior Space
  • The Aesthetic Study of Eclectic Interior Design: A Case Study of Mimiti and One Eighty Coffee Shop Bandung
  • Proxemics Study On The Customer Activity Of Bank Mandiri Branch Office Surapati Bandung Based On Customer’s Privacy Level
  • Analyze The Effect Of Corridor Space Use On Human Personal Space (Case Study: Second Floor Corridor Of Industry Creative Faculty Building, Telkom University)
  • Analysis Of Layout Formation And Facility Of Elementary School In SD BPI Bandung
  • Opportunity and Challenges of Pracimayasa Interior Building – Heritage Buildings for Strengthening Local Cultural Preservation of Surakarta
  • Interior Layout Analysis Of Child Care Design In Order To Support Toddler’s Activities (Case Study: T-Moms Daycare, Telkom University, Bandung)
  • Spatial Relationship In The Great Mosque Of Surakarta
  • Internet Adoption By Young Generation As Education Media Of Agriculture In Indonesia


  • Urban Art In Surakarta
  • Role Of Khadam In The Palembang Tradition Theater


  • The Visual Transformation Of Surakarta Style Panji Inu Kertapati And Dewi Candrakirana Masks
  • Aesthetics Migration Of Sundanese Primodial Symbols In Bandung Subculture
  • Javanese Cultural Affection for Youth by utilizing Sriwedari Wayang Performance
  • Preservation of Golok Walahir as a Cultural Identity for the Society of Sindangkerta Village, Tasikmalaya, West Java
  • The Existence and Essence of Sekaten Ceremony at Karaton Surakarta
  • Analysis of film functions as a media to support state defense. Case study of (Pasukan garuda: I leave my heart in lebanon)
  • The Development Of Stop Motion Technique In Animation Films During 2015-2018 And Its Impacts On The Animation Creative Industry In Indonesia
  • Gandrung Dance as Cultural Identity in Image Construction of Banyuwangi Regency, East Java
  • Nuclear Unit Analysis of Lutung Kasarung Comic Based on Joseph Campbell Theory
  • Postmodernism Representation In Manungsa Comic (2016)
  • The Concept of Form in the Therianthropic Embodiment of Garuda Sculpture and Relief in Sukuh Temple
  • Diversity of Cultural Elements at The Reliefs of Pura Desa Lan Puseh in Sudaji Village, Northern Bali.
  • Gurda Motif In The Hindu-Buddhist And Islamic Period In Java
  • Cultural Acculturation in the Ornamental Art of The Kudus Traditional House
  • Islamic Art, Missionize (Da’wah) Comic and Industrialism in Indonesia
  • Local Wisdom in Tradition Batik Design
  • Ups and Downs the Film Adaptation from Novels in Indonesia (1926-2018)


  • The use of the three factor asset pricing models and carhart four factors to assess excess return
  • Designing Mini Master Plan Project For Scope, Time, and Cost Aspect in Putri Provinsi Multi Set Toys Book Project PT XYZ Bandung
  • How is customer value created through design strategy? Case Study of Serasa Salad Café
  • Why College Students Have Big Motivation to Start Their Own Business, But not Continuing The Business After Graduate?
  • Brand Identity and Promotion Strategy of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Leadership succession in a family owned business (A case study of CV. Faresti Prima in Bandung)
  • Empowerment of local brand awareness through the uniqueness of packaging and its impact on purchasing interest (case study on local product: White Tea brand, Bandung, West Java Indonesia)
  • Business Process and Organizational Characteristics on SMEs (Case Study: A Digital SME’s Community in Bandung)
  • Build Student’s Entrepreneurial Spirit through Entrepreneurship Education (A Case Study on Creative Industry Students of Telkom University)
  • Home Cooking, Housewives, and The Business Opportunity In The Internet Era

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